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Duties and Responsibilities

The Madison County Zoning Department serves the growing planning and development needs of the unincorporated areas of Madison County. The Zoning Department is responsible for the Madison County Zoning Ordinance, Madison County Flood Plain Regulations, Madison County 9-1-1 Ordinance and Maps:


The staff provides services and assistance regarding subdivision review, rezoning, building permits, code enforcement, conditional use permits, floodplain management, issuance of addresses and other matters that come before the Zoning Commission, the Board of Adjustment, and the Madison County Board of Supervisors.


By providing these services the Zoning Department is able to provide for and manage growth in Madison County’s unincorporated areas.


The department is involved in a variety of activities associated with land development in Madison County. This process involves meeting with developers, realtors, consultants, and citizens interested in development in the county and guiding them through the preparation and processing of applications for zoning, platting or subdivision of property, site plans, and permitted conditional use permits.


The department is responsible for the coordination of the review by the various county departments and outside agencies. Department staff serve as the hub for the processing of development applications, communication of the review comments, and resolution of issues raised with development applications and the preparation of staff reports for the Zoning Commission, Board of Adjustment, and the Board of Supervisors.

The department's primary role is to enforce the County's adopted zoning, subdivision and signage codes.

These requirements provide minimum standards to safeguard life, health, property, and public welfare by regulating the design, construction, use and occupancy, location of all buildings and structures.

C. J. (Jeff) Nicholl

Environmental Health Officer/Sanitarian
Zoning & Environmental Health Assistant
Zoning: Section 1 – Purpose
Zoning Section 6 - Application of district regulation
Madison County Zoning Commision
Madison County Board of Health
County Board of Adjusment

Zoning Office Contact

Madison County Annex - Lower Level

201 West Court
Winterset, IA 50273

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Phone number: (515) 462-2636  
Fax number: (515) 462-5002

Administrator: C. J. (Jeff) Nicholl
Tina Burk

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