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Madison County, Iowa - Sheriff

Duties and Responsibilities

The Sheriff is the principal peace officer of the county; duties include:


  Summons grand jurors and trial jurors

  May call any person to his aid, and when necessary summons the power of the county

  Serves subpoenas and other notices and levies on property when a judgment has been secured

  Executes and returns all writs and other legal processes issued by lawful authority

  Custodian of the county jail and is responsible for all prisoners committed to him until discharged by law

  Transport individuals to locations as directed by court order


Sheriff's Office Services
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Sheriff's Office Contact Information

1012 N John Wayne Drive
PO Box 517

Winterset, Iowa 50273

Phone Number: (515) 462-3575​​​​​​​  
Fax Number: (515) 462-3684

Sheriff: Jason Barnes