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Environmental Health Officer


Under the direction and supervision of the Zoning Administrator, the Environmental Health Officer performs environmental health services consistent with state and county laws and regulations and other duties as assigned or directed.

Duties include, but are not limited to, performing inspections, grant management, budget management, issuing permits and well plugging applications, monitoring septic systems, investigation of animal bites and nuisance complaints.


Send application and resume to:

Human Resources

Madison County Courthouse

PO Box 152

Winterset, IA 50273

Madison County is an Equal Opportunity Employer



An approximate 6 month wage & hour position (April thru September or early October), who under the supervision of the Conservation Board Director, Parks Technician and Natural Resource Specialist, conducts and is responsible for all park maintenance, minor equipment maintenance and park facility repair & construction largely entailing, but not limited to, mowing, trimming, trail maintenance, fence repairs, signing, landscaping, and custodial functions and other related natural resource duties (assist with prairie burns, TSI, etc. as required by the Madison County Conservation Board).