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Official Website for Madison County, Iowa

Board of Supervisors


Phil Clifton

Board Chair, Supervisor District 2


January 2,  2023 - January 1,  2025


Office Hours

Monday and Wednesday mornings



(515) 705-0378 


Diane Fitch

Supervisor District 3


January 2, 2023 – January 1, 2027


Office Hours

Monday afternoon, Tuesday

and Thursday mornings



(515) 705-0377 


Heather Stancil

Supervisor District 1


January 2, 2023 – January 1, 2027


Office Hours

Tuesday and Thursday afternoon,

Friday mornings





Alternate Phone

(515) 412-0090 


About the Board

There are 3 members on the Board of Supervisors, each elected by citizens in the county. Individuals serve overlapping four - year terms, with elections held every two years. The Board elects one of its members annually to chair its activities.


Meetings are open to the Public. 

Meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month in the Annex lower-level conference room

(201 W. Court, Winterset)

9:30 am            Worksession to review agenda

10:00 am          Board of Supervisor meeting


To be placed on the Board's bi-weekly agenda, contact the Board Office by the preceding Thursday of the meeting.

The Board of Supervisors has both legislative and administrative powers and is the policy - making body for Madison County government. With its authority to adopt legislation and policies for department operations, the Board sets priorities, allocates resources and maintains budgetary control.


The budget process is the most important power of the Board. By using the budget process effectively, the Board is able to monitor and correct inefficiencies in all organizational units, including elected departments, quasi-government organizations, and administrative departments. In addition to these responsibilities, the Board of Supervisors promotes and facilitates various cooperative efforts among and between other government entities and jurisdictions. Most importantly, the Board is available to its constituency and can respond to issues of importance to citizens.


The Board also appoints individuals or serves on a number of Boards and Commissions that affect all aspects of Madison County operations.


Board Meetings Schedule