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Madison County, Iowa - Engineer

Duties and Responsibilities

The Engineer’s Office is responsible for the planning, design and supervision of all construction and maintenance work on the secondary road system. The County’s road system includes 910 miles of roads. Of that total 104 miles are paved. There are 245 bridges on the county road system.


The secondary road department is responsible for the general maintenance of all the county roads, bridges and culverts.

This includes installing of traffic signs, maintaining road surfaces, vegetation control in the road right of way and winter snow and ice control.


The department operates on an approximate annual budget of $3,500,000. The revenue is received from:

 Property and sales tax (16.4%)

 State road use tax (51.6%)

 Special grants (7.6%)

 Fund balance and minor fees (24.4%)

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Engineer's Office Contact Information

Madison County Engineer

1105 East Court Ave

Winterset, Iowa 50273

Monday - Friday 8:00am. - 4:30pm
Phone Number: (515) 462-1136

Assistant Engineer

Mike Hackett 

Engineering Associate

Brian Fairholm 

Engineering Technician

Cory Scott